USB Controller Boards

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Throttle quadrant for the DC-3. Uses a GearFalcon general purpose joystick controller board.

The objective of USB Controller Boards is to discuss some of the board available that will allow building flight controls.


GeeekPi joystick controller board.

The GEEEKPI board has six (6) analog inputs. These work for aircraft control surfaces but not as well for throttles, prop pitch, mixture and etc. The reason, for this comment, is that there is a dead spot hard programmed into the analog inputs. This will be reflected into the controls that do not need dead spots, in the center of their travel. It is possible that some versions of this board do not have this issue.

The analog inputs tend to have jitters. A few item to help to reduce this is listed below:

  • A bypass capacitor placed across the input to ground.
  • Ground the case of the potentiometer.

GearFalcon General Purpose Joystick Controller

GearFalcon general purpose joystick controller.

The GearFalcon board has eight (8) analog inputs and thirty six (36) digital.

This board uses programming to reduce/remove jitter. Of course, proper wiring and grounding the potentiometer case is good practice.