Howto:Build and run FlightGear on Raspberry Pi 4

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It is now possible to run FlightGear on a Raspberry Pi, starting with the model Pi 4. The objective of Howto:Build and run FlightGear on Raspberry Pi 4 is to introduce Pi users to FlightGear and possibly FlightGear users to the Raspberry Pi family. One of the main objectives of the Raspberry Pi is education. Hopefully this marriage will introduce some young programmers to FlightGear. Although this will mainly deal with the Pi 4, other models may find applications in the area of flight panels and instruments.


Possible Paths

FlightGear and the Raspberry Pi family.

The Raspberry Pi can run FlightGear or perform other duties. Creating avionics steam gauges to more modern touch screen avionics devices. These ancillary Raspberries can serve a standard desktop computer running FlightGear or another Raspberry running FlightGear with most of the settings set to low.

Did You Know

Sun, tree and other textures

How to fix some texture issues with the Raspberry Pi4.

Did you know that the sun, tree and other textures can be fixed by enabling the "Cache graphics for faster loading" option, that is found in the launcher? This works for version 2020.3.5.