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The property tree as it is currently is in need of some rework because of the ownship (single desktop aircraft) approach. This is easier than it sounds - basically most of the property tree becomes part of the aircraft and only a few items are shared. This will also allow the switching of aircraft. The reason to consider this now, and maybe not implement it, is to ensure that the design will support this when it is time to implement it.[1]

With Richard's WIP changes he's got the carriers being included in the "nearest tower" logic. This is good; however it leads onto something that maybe a carrier only requirement - but it could be more general; which is to permit "sub-views".

For a carrier Richard got views for the LSO, the PLAT view and the tower view. These can be selected by setting a property (view-index) by way of proof of concept; and what happens is that the carrier returns as slightly different view point.

So for those that have been working on the view systems recently we should possibly come up with a more generic way of defining and handling subviews.[2]

The first thing that Richard is trying to figure out is a way to fix the current view system.

Richard ompared to various other desktop sims and came to the conclusion that what we have is already comparable but needs some improvements.

The first part of any changes to the view system needs to be discussions and proposal about what needs to be changed - then we can figure out how it needs to be changed.

So if you (or anyone) has got ideas about generally how to further improve our view system then please start a new thread on the devel list.[3]

Use Cases


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Canvas Views

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