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Using FlightGear

Mapping Software

  • Atlas (Atlas) aims to produce and display high quality charts of the world for users of FlightGear, an open source flight simulator. This is achieved through two main parts: The map creator (simply called Map) and the Atlas viewer.
  • Kelpie Flight Planner
  • Airport Diagram Generator
  • Flightgear Mapping (fgmapping): Provide a real-time map of flight position in Flightgear. It is based on tiles from Openstreetmap, downloads them in the background, provides navigation aids and runways, allows setting of waypoints and tracks the flight.

Scenery and Airport Editing

  • TerraGear (TerraGear) is a collection of open source tools and rendering libraries which can transform publically available GIS data in 3d representations (i.e. 3d models or 3d maps) of the earth for use in real time rendering projects. TerraGear can import 3d data sets such as DEM terrain grids, 2d polygon data sets such as coastlines, city outlines, lake outlines, and 2d raster data sets such as the 1km NAOO land use/land cover data. It also has tools for generating realistic airports, runways, and lighting based on available FAA data. <
  • FGAirports edit Airport groundnet files required for AI Traffic. A replacement for Taxidraw.
  • Taxidraw (Taxidraw) deprecated
  • AirportEditor (AirportEditor) a Java-based airport editor for FlightGear [3]
  • WorldEditor


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