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Flightgear Airports
Developed by Keith Paterson
Initial release 2020
Latest release 0.0.32 (28 May 2021)
OS Windows, GNU/Linux, MacOS X
License GNU General Public License


Flightgear Airports is a (free) taxiway editor for FlightGear licensed under the GNU GPL. It is cross-platform, known to work on Windows but should work on all platforms supported by electron. The usage philosophy is not to be file centred, but airport centred.


Currently selected item can be edited here.

Parking List

Table of all parkings for easy editing.


You can search for airports with ICAO or parts of the name. Only airports with flights are shown. If you want to view another one it will be added when you type the full ICAO.

Check result

Work in Progress

List of edited airports with the possibility to remove after upload.

World view

When zoomed out you will see circles. Their size corresponds with the number of flights. Blue means Ok. Yellow too little parking. Red no groundnet.


  1. Set directories in settings (bottom left)
    1. Airports Directory - The directory with all/most airports. Must conform to Airports/A/B/C/ABCD.groundnet.xml form. Best is a GIT clone of https://github.com/terrasync/main
    2. Flightgear Directory - Flightgear directory. apt.dat and traffic is read from here during the scan.
    3. Export Directory - Work in progress can be copied here for test purposes. You can set it as an additional FG Scenery directory.
  2. Start scans one after the other in sidebar with sync icon.


FG Airports editing view

Edit Bar

Button with ICAO code opens the Airport data in the edit tab.

FG Airports Menu Bar
  • The top 4 buttons in the button bar are for zooming (+/-/details/large).
  • Upload sends the current airport to groundweb.
  • Edit switches into edit mode
  • Undo undos all changes or all changes during session
  • Save, saves the groundnet
  • Draw taxiline
  • Draw push
  • Add parking
  • Remove element, removes the currently selected element
  • Check triggers the groundnet check.


ID Message Explanation
LONG_SEGMENT Start/End of long route The check has found a segment with >2km Unconnected Pushbacknode

ToDo / Wishlist

Issues are tracked in https://github.com/Portree-Kid/flightgear-airports

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