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IMPORTANT: Some, and possibly most, of the features/ideas discussed here are likely to be affected, and possibly even deprecated, by the ongoing work on providing a property tree-based 2D drawing API accessible from Nasal using the new Canvas system available since FlightGear 2.80 (08/2012). Please see: Canvas EFB Framework for further information

You are advised not to start working on anything directly related to this without first discussing/coordinating your ideas with other FlightGear contributors using the FlightGear developers mailing list or the Canvas subforum This is a link to the FlightGear forum.. Anything related to Canvas Core Development should be discussed first of all with TheTom and Zakalawe. Nasal-space frameworks are being maintained by Philosopher and Hooray currently. talk page.

Airport Diagram Generator
Developed by Brisa
Initial release July 12, 2009
Written in Java
License GNU General Public License

The Airport Diagram Generator is a Java application capable of generating airport diagrams using FlightGear data only.

first page of KSFO
second page of KSFO

Generated diagrams contain:

  • Airport ID and name
  • A schematic view of the airport layout (run- and taxiways).
  • All frequencies regarding the airport (ILS, Tower, Gnd, Atis etc.).
  • Nearest Navaid information and heading to/from.
  • True and magnetic compass indication.
  • Runway(s) length(s).

The software is based upon the Kelpie Flight Planner code.

Also see OpenEFB which is related open source software hosted at sourceforge, specifically meant to be used by users of MSFS and X-Plane.


You can:

  1. Generate a single airport diagram:
    • java -jar AirportPainter.jar -fg-root=/path/to/your/fgfs/data -output=. -airport=KSFO
  2. Generate multiple airport diagrams within an area:
    • java -jar AirportPainter.jar -fg-root=/path/to/your/fgfs/data -output=. -range=20 -airport=KSFO
  3. Start the application in graphical mode:
    • java -jar AirportPainter.jar


  • brisa: Main program
  • Jentron: svgs for vor, tacan etc.....

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