Cessna C310

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Cessna C310
Cessna C310.jpg
Type Civilian aircraft
Author(s) David Megginson (maintained by Stuart Buchanan)
--aircraft= c310 (alias for c310u3a), c310-ifr (IFR panel), c310-yasim (YASim), c310dpm-3d (civilian), c310u3a (YASim), c310u3a-jsbsim (JSBSim)
Status production

Development status/Issues/Todo


  • flaps are animated, but the shape of the wing does not change when flaps are extended. This means we have 2 flaps. One that is animated and another one that is not animated
    • Observation: c310 has split flaps, i.e. top of wing remains unchanged and bottom surface of wing is the part that moves, spliting away from the top, -- Marlin Mixon
  • ailerons on the right side are not animated
  • no cockpit light at night visible
  • no pilot and co pilot visible
  • aircraft has no shadow
  • strobe and landing lights are not available
  • aircraft has no wheel well area for the landing gears

3d Cockpit:


  • cockpit instruments do light at night, but the cockpit itself stays dark
  • no rudder/stick control in 3d cockpit available
  • no ruder control pedals available
  • no elevator trim control available
  • can't hear sound when pressing the switches and levers in the cockpit


  • switches and levers look flat, they don't have a 3d look
  • cockpit instruments look flat, they don't have a 3d look
  • cockpit is not textured
  • no pilot or co pilot present
  • cockpit window has missing windscreen wipers


  • engine sound in cockpit does not differ from outside engine sound
  • only one engine is selected by default
  • hud is not available
  • aircraft is not set on the correct elevation when starting flightsgear, lowest part of the aircraft is approximately 0.40 m below the ground
  • flightgear is often crashing with this airplane