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FlightGear Modelling FAQ contains interesting answers to FAQ. It is work in progress...

Which axis in Blender is pointing north?

The X-Axis will point north in FlightGear, after you have placed your model using the UFO. Please note that it can be rotated after hitting = (Tab in older versions).

What is the unit used for models in FlightGear?

Models are created in metres. So one Blender Unit will be displayed as one metre.

What software could I use for creating 3D models?

You could use any 3D software you want. The only requirement is that it exports to .ac or to a format that could be exported to .ac using other software. Examples of good, often used (free) software are:

Blender does not export the texture reference to AC3 files! What can i do?

Propably you have tried to use material textures. These are not exported to AC3 files. Use UV mapped textures instead and they will appear in FlightGear! (see tutorials)