Innsbruck Airport

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Innsbruck Airport
Innsbruck Airport img1.jpg
Owner Tiroler
City Innsbruck, Austria
Runway Length Material
08/26 2000m Asphalt
Scenery tile e010n40
TerraSync Yes

Nestled high in the Austrian This is a link to a Wikipedia article stretch of the scenic Alps is Innsbruck Airport (ICAO: LOWI). Innsbruck is a seasonally busy airport that serves the ski/alpine industry. It takes local, national and international aviation traffic.

It's situated in an area of great natural beauty and LOWI is one of the suggested airports to take off and explore the surrounding scenery. FlightGear's terrain driven Advanced Weather simulation [1] can recreate the changing mountain windfields of the Alps and the really interesting weather patterns of the mountains in general - which are photo-realistically rendered by FlightGear's Atmospheric scattering framework [2]. FlightGear now has detailed roads, buildings, and objects based on OSM data for Innsbruck - see OSM2City Worldbuild. Try flying with season towards Autumn in Environment Settings [3].

Use of the Innsbruck Airport is restricted to "High Performance" aircraft by Austrian authorities (see the Austro Control link below). The airport lies within a steep East-West valley, requiring non-ICAO standard procedures to approach and depart.

Panorama of Innsbruck airport (LOWI) in Autumn with a 2nd type of grass enabled (2019). Click to view full size.



Approach maps have been provided in the links below.

Austro Control 2016 LOWI Maps (Luftfahrthandbuch Österreich / AIP Austria)

If the link above becomes stale, you can find current info by going to Austro Control / AIP Austria and locating current info there under "current info" -> "Part III - AD" -> "AD 2 - Aerodromes" -> "Karten/Charts - Innsbruck".

These are sourced from Austro Control - but may not necessarily be current.

Chart: Approach From East 2007
Chart: Approach From West 2007
Chart: Depart East or West 2007

Approach From The East: ILS Approach RWY 26. Navigate to the Rattenberg NDB (RTT 303) at FL100. Salzburg Maxglan (LOWS) provides a close and suitable departure runway. From overhead RTT, turn to heading 211°, descend to 9600ft and intercept the ILS (111.1). Dial in Absam NDB 313. At Minimum Descent Altitude (overhead the Absam NDB), pilot must be visual or perform the prescribed missed approach. Turn to runway heading when required and land.

Approach from the West: LLZ/DME Approach into the circuit for a RWY 26 landing. Depart airport Memmingen Allgau (EDJA), navigate to Kempten VOR (KPT 109.6). Overhead KPT, join the 138 radial and navigate to the Kuhtai NDB (KTI 413), at FL130. When LLZ (111.10) is identified (not established), depart the NDB heading 104° not below FL115. At DME 20.4 miles, commence descent, and join the LLZ. Do not proceed below FL105 if not established on LLZ. Observe minimum altitudes on descent, stop descent at 3700ft. If visual, turn final and land, otherwise follow prescribed missed approach.


Departure maps have been provided in the links below. These are sourced from Austro Control - but may not necessarily be current.

Departure to the East: Using Absam NDB (AB 313) and LLZ (OEJ 109.7), depart RWY 08 at max climb. Fly overhead the NDB, establish on the LLZ, to 9500ft.

Departure to the West: Starting on Absam NDB (AB 313) and Kempten VOR (KPT 109.6), depart RWY 08 at max climb. Cross the AB NDB not below 5600ft and make right turn to 245, for Innsbruck NDB (INN 420). Cross INN not below 9400ft, turn to KPT. Altitude must be 11500 by 39 miles out of KPT.


Steep non-standard climb and descent angles, LLZ offset to runway heading. Try throwing some weather in for good measure.

Gallery - 2018+

Click screenshots to enlarge.

FlightGear Scenery

TerraSync will automatically download scenery as you fly, if you have access to the internet while using FlightGear. The scenery for LOWI is in the tile e010n40 if you need to download it manually - e.g using TerraMaster. It includes all airports listed in this article.

FlightGear Custom Scenery Overlay - Outdated

Nov 2021: scenery has been in Terrasync for a long time.

The repo currently contains LOWI, some stuff in Austria and EDNY (Germany). Archived git repository - Custom Scenery Overlay

Autors: Oliver Thurau, Christian Schmitt, Tuxklok, Oliver Thurau, Paolo Rota, HHS, David G. and others
Latest update: 2013.11.24

LOWI area overview.jpg

Innsbruck - LOWI area overview.

LOWI with Rembarndt lights.jpg

Innsbruck - LOWI with Rembrandt lights.

LOJO with Rembrandt lights.jpg

LOJO helicopter base at Innsbruck airport with Rembrandt lights.

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  • See this forum post for more info about the state of LOWI area development.
  • Generally, changes will go into the scenery DB eventually.
  • The previous custom scenery based on the terrain by the Austria Scenery Project is no longer available!

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