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This is inspired by a thread found on the FlightGear forums at the end of March/2009 ("Going to Mount Everest") This is a link to the FlightGear forum..

This page is meant to eventually help maintain a list of airports/places with challenging real life scenery and/or complex departure/approach procedures, so that this information can be used to showcase FlightGear aircraft performing interesting departures/approaches in challenging (e.g. mountaineous and windy) surroundings.

Various airports have been added here already, based on a related discussion by professional pilots on

Airports to add

  • Tribhuvan International Aiport (ICAO:VNKT)
  • Quito Airport (ICAO:SEQU)
  • Peshawar International Airport (ICAO:OPPS)
  • Leeds Bradford International Airport (ICAO:EGNM)
  • Samos International Airport (ICAO:LGSM)
  • Gilgit Airport (ICAO:OPGT)

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