Vought F-8 Crusader

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F-8 Crusader
Type Fighter aircraft
Author(s) Gerard Robin
--aircraft= Crusader, Crusader off
Status Beta
Supports Mid-air refueling

The F-8 Crusader (originally F8U) was a single-engine aircraft carrier-based fighter aircraft built by Vought.


Currently there's only one variants present in FlightGear:

  • F-8E(FN) - air superiority fighter version for the French Navy, significantly increased wing lift due to greater slat and flap deflection and the addition of a boundary layer control system, enlarged stabilators, 42 built.

Aircraft help

Key Function
d Toggle canopy
= Toggle 2 positions wings incidence up/down
)/( Assign 4 positions speed brake up/down
} Toggle electric master switch on/off
{ Toggle cutoff false/true
Shift+o/o Hook down/up
Shift+f/f Wings fold up/down
Shift+l and Shift+c Activate launchbar/go
Shift+d Refueling probe extended/retracted

Start routine

  1. Electric Master Switch On (depress }).
  2. Get the external Air compressor resources ( s ).
  3. The engine will spin up to a maximum of about %25 N2 (%5.2 N1). This simulates the action of a pneumatic starter.-
  4. After reaching %15 N2, Cutoff to False (depress {).


  • The wings fold must be DOWN key f
  • The wings incidences must be UP key (toggle) =
  • Your anounciator "WING WHEELS DROOP" must be light off
  • The canopy must be closed/locked key (toggle) d


  1. Maintain the Shift+l key depressed the time to activate the launbar (5 seconds). You can see that operation with the external view
  2. Then depress the Shift+c key to launch



  • Your approach is about 130 Knts ( you can help yourself with the AoA indicator)
  • The Hook must be down key Shift+o
  • The Aircraft must be prepared with wings incidences UP and gears DOWN
  • The Hook will operate only if it is in touch on the deck close to the wires center area
  • Beware the Clemenceau deck is little ( against the Nimitz), several training will be necessary.


There is two kind of tanks, Main Tank and Transfer Tank.

  1. The Main Tank is not full up.
  2. The engine will ONLY pump fuel from that Main Tank.
  3. If you get the alarm "LOW LEVEL", you should transfer fuel from the Transfer Tank.
  4. If there is any fuel in the Transfer Tank (look at the capacity tank instruments) you can transfer the fuel from Transfer Tank to Main Tank, click the "FUEL TRANSFER" switch on the front Panel (top right).
The F-8E with mule


You may want to experiment the taxiing with mule. To do it:

  1. You must have Cutoff to True => toggle key { if you are Cutoff False.
  2. With m key you will notice a mule in front of the aircraft.
  3. Key + or - will operate the force of the Mule.
  4. The usual direction key, mouse, joysyick, will give the direction of the mule.