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Trying to fly with the F-8 Crusader version v20081219, I had noticed that electric system was switched off just after landing gear was retracted (using 'g' key or graphical lever). Then, engine was stopped and that led to crash...

I didn't find anything on flightgear site nor on the web to correct this pb, I'm quite sure that I did not make any control mistake.

So, I looked for Aircraft definition (Program Files/Flightgear/data/Aircraft/F-8E-Crusader) and I found this turn around :

In the file Program Files/Aircraft/F-8E-Crusader/Systems/landing-gear.xml, locate this part, beginning at line 36 :

<switch name="Control Damage">

  <default value="fcs/cutoff-switch"/>
  <test  logic="AND" value="0">
  /controls/gear/gear-down  == 0
  fcs/cutoff-switch == 1


Just comment the whole part (including switch tags)

Then, Gear up command works without cutoff electrical system.

I can now fly a crusader without leaving gear down !