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This page defines the Emesary notifications that are available in the base package; but also a reference of all currently active notification ID's that can be transmitted over MP.


PropertySyncNotificationBase_Id = 16

This is used to transmit a set of properties from one craft to a multiplayer instance of itself. The contents of the notification are variable and defined by the model. see $FGdata/Nasal/notifications.nas


AircraftControlNotification_Id = 17

This is used to allow any number of elements to be controlled, such as cockpit switches, but theoretically anything on the model that needs to be controlled either as a single player ownship, or as a multiplayer dual control type of scenario. NOTE: Properly coded aircraft models using Emesary to implement bindings require no extra code to work in multiplayer, all that is required is to bridge the control notifications over MP using the Emesary MP bridge. see $FGdata/Nasal/notifications.nas


GeoEventNotification_Id = 18

This is a notification, usually from one craft to another, over MP, that something happened at a certain position (lat,lon,alt). This can be used to drop tanks, paratroopers, launch X-15's or anything that happens that one craft needs to tell another about. see $FGdata/Nasal/notifications.nas


ArmamentNotification_Id = 19

Used to indicate when an some sort of armament has impacted another model. See f-14b/Nasal/ArmamentNotification.nas


PFDEventNotification_Id = 20

Use to transmit PFD events for a particular device. see $FGdata/Nasal/notifications.nas


ArmamentInFlightNotification_Id = 21

This is a notification that a particular type of armament is in flight. see f-14b/Nasal/ArmamentNotification.nas


EFISNotification_Id = 22

Use to transmit EFIS events. Work in progress, see $FGdata/Nasal/notifications.nas later

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