Dresden Airport

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Dresden International
an overview of Dresden
an overview of Dresden
Type Public
Owner Mitteldeutsche Airport Holding
City Dresden
Runway Length Material
04/22 2,850 m Concrete
Scenery tile e010n050
TerraSync published

Dresden International Airport (IATA-Code: DRS, ICAO-Code: EDDC), since 2008 called "Dresden International", is an international public airport in Dresden, the capital of Saxony. Together with Leipzig/Halle Airport it is one of the two largest airports of the federal state Saxony.

Flying at Dresden


All diagrams and charts are available for download. * Please, notes that the charts are from 2009!

Runway 04/22

  • ILS-CAT-II 04 (040.83°): 110.50
  • ILS-CAT-I 22 (220.81°): 109.70


  • ATIS - frequency 118.87
  • Dresden Ground - frequency 121.90
  • Dresden Tower - frequency 122.92, 119.70, 125.80

regular Aircrafts

regular Airlines

Lufthansa, Germanwings, Air Berlin, Easyjet Switzerland, OLT Express, Sky Airlines, Aeroflot and much more

City destinations

Link of dresden-airport.de: City destinations

At the airport


In 2007 Dresden Airport completely overhauled its runway and extended it by 350 meters to 2850 meters, becoming the first airport in Europe to carry out a project of this kind while remaining operational. The old runway was torn up and greened over.

Apron 1

Apron 1

The apron 1 is located in front of the terminal building and contains the commercial aviation and cargo area. It is connected by taxiways H, L and O.

A1-Pos 01, 01A
A1-Pos 07, 08
A1-Pos 09, 10
(see #Scenery Add-on)

Apron 2

Apron 2

This is the apron for light aircraft. He is located in the north-east of the terminal. It contains the general aviation area and it is connected by taxiways H and L.

A2-GAT 18-29

Apron 3

Apron 3

The main apron with Terminal and GAT is located in the middle of the airport. It contains the commercial aviation area at terminal and the General Aviation Terminal. It is connected by taxiways H, M and N.

A3-Pos 30-33
A3-Pos 34-38

Apron GA

Apron GA

The General Aviation apron with start-up positions and hangars for light aircraft is situated in the west close to the taxiway A.

A1-GAT 01-04


In Flightgear the Terminal was published on TerraSync in 2009 and publishing of new developments via TerraSync started in 2012.

  • detailed, phototextured and handcolored 3D models of all buildings and site facilities
  • illuminated areas by night textures or rembrandt lighting
  • animations like movable GA hangar doors
  • fully Rembrandt compatible
  • prepared for custom AI traffic

Scenery Add-on

Gateway example

A custom FGsenery_Saxony package is available for download. This Scenery add-on may contain traces of airport dates, airport layouts, airport buildings and more which are not available via Terrasync and is steadily increasing with the development of selected airfields of Saxony. Have a look at the List of airports in Germany or on this map to gain an overview about the current custom scenery of saxony. For Dresden Airport this package contains airport dates for ground network, runway usage, jetways and tower view point. Note: the start-up positions are not usable in-sim (no apt.dat update)

Always get the newest development version automatically: Download the FGscenery_Saxony.zip

Download via TerraSync

TerraSync has it all! You don't need to download a custom scenery. Terrasync makes it easy for every user always to have the latest scenery installed automatically.

Last updates:
2014-03-21 clean-up work, World Scenery v2.0
2013-01-05 Apron Light Poles published
2012-12-02 General Aviation Hangar published
2012-11-29 Glide Slope and Localizer Aerial published
2012-11-12 Technic Center and EADS Halls published
2012-11-11 Weather Radar published
2012-11-05 new Terminal published
2012-10-27 Tower, Halls and Hangar H285 published

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