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This is a list of all the ideas created for the Virtual FSweekend Hackathon 2023.

To add an idea (which you are willing to pursue!):

  1. Create a new page. The easiest way to do this is to type an appropriate title into the Search box on the top right corner, then click the "Create the page... on this wiki" link at the bottom of the search results. Please name your page "Hackathon Proposal: TITLE OF THE PROPOSAL".
  2. Use the template as shown in the section below.
  3. A very good example of an idea description can be found in a 2020 article - but it does not have to be that elaborate: Hackathon Proposal: WS3.0 Effects
  4. By including [[Category:Hackathon 2023 Ideas]] at the bottom of the page (as per the template), the new page will appear magically in the list below.

So what makes a good Hackathon Idea?

  • Something out of your comfort zone, that you wouldn't otherwise do. That might mean in terms of scope or technology.
  • Perhaps something you don't know how to do it at all. There will be experienced developers around to guide you in the right direction. Doing some work in Nasal for the first time, for example. One exception - you should have some C/C++ experience if you want to hack the core code, otherwise you'll spend the entire weekend learning C++ rather than the internals of FlightGear! For the same reason, this shouldn't be your first time using Git or the first time patching/rebuilding FlightGear from source, if that's what you're interested in working on.
  • Something ambitious, but which you think you can make some concrete progress during the weekend. The best hacks aren't necessarily the ones where everything is complete at the end of the weekend. Rather ones where it's now obvious what to do next and development can continue afterwards.
  • Something you could work with in a group. This is an ideal opportunity to bring together different skill sets - e.g. core code, textures, Nasal scripting.
  • Finally, something you're interested in and can enthuse others about. You'll want to encourage others to join your team. That's a lot easier with an exciting idea you are passionate about!


Note  if you do not master the wiki or do not get it right: ping the organiser for help: we would rather have your idea in an alternative format and help transforming it than not getting your idea.!

Copy the following into the new page with the proposal (all parameters are optional):

{| class="wikitable"


| Title || '''<big>FIXME</big>'''


| Sponsor ||


| Supporters ||


| Status ||


| Summary ||


| Background ||


| Details ||


| Skills ||


| Notes ||


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