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This category is intended to help identify documentation/materials that might be suitable for the upcoming Hackathons.

The idea being to gather relevant materials, so that these materials can be reviewed in order to determine if these should be updated/proof-read to be used for Hackathon documentation (and possibly used to create new/custom documentation more in line with the requirements of a hackathon).

Thus, this category lists articles that provide tutorials to do self-contained core hacking, to hopefully help with such educational sessions (i.e. C++).

This does not mean that these articles are currently suitable to be used "as is". Rather, it's more likely that excerpts from different articles are going to be used in order to create a new piece of documentation (think a PDF handout) based on such articles.

Another idea mentioned on the forum, is drafting a rough structure for these materials, i.e.:

  • installing/configuring an IDE
  • getting/building FlightGear
  • git/patching
  • making tiny self-contained modifications

So, if people agree that some of these materials could be reused for the creation of such educational materials, it would be good to get more eyeballs involved in updating and proof-reading such articles, and maybe even ask fellow contributors to provide helpful artwork (screen shots, drawings, diagrams etc) for illustration purposes.



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