Hackathon Proposal: Volumetric Clouds

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Title Volumetric Clouds
Sponsor merspieler
Summary Create volumetric clouds
Background Right now, the "3D" clouds are just billboards, which always face the camera (with the ufo look straight up and roll a little bit to observe clouds rotating). Since they're just 2 dimensional billboards you can never really be in a cloud. Right now we cheat here by reducing the visibility when being in a cloud which makes it strange looking when emerging from the cloud as you can see the visible area expand again. When flying toward the cloud it's a hard cut through it and it might clip into the cockpit.

The solution is having volumetric clouds. This could be realized using 3D textures (see this video for how this could be approached)

Skills C++, GLSL
Notes Stuart has thought about this a bit already and thinks this is doable and would be able to mentor.