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Aircraft, spacecraft, vehicles, and seacraft in this hangar category are those for which no known download link exists. They are located in neither FGAddon nor any 3rd party hangar. Some reasons for the disappearance of the craft may be:

  • Development started on the aircraft but it was abandoned.
  • The 3rd party hangar no longer exists.
  • The URL for the file server where the aircraft was uploaded is now a dead link.
  • The wiki article simply needs to be updated.
  • It was passing through the Bermuda Triangle This is a link to a Wikipedia article.

Please help remove craft from this category by adopting it, restoring it to a working condition, placing it in FGAddon or a 3rd party hangar, and updating the wiki article. For some early stage and abandoned aircraft, the page can be marked for deletion using the {{delete}} template.