Airbus A321-200 (Omega Hangar)

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This includes the following models: A321-200 series

Airbus A321
Bermuda Triangle disappearance
Type Airliner
Author(s) malikguest, isix, jchnd, qf52, liam, fg community : OMEGA Hangar Model - Nomega95, Xiang, Nicholas, Hafidh
FDM JSBSim : OMEGA Hangar Model - YASim
--aircraft= A321
Status beta : OMEGA Hangar Model - alpha
Download Download the aircraft package.


A321-200 series

The Airbus A321-200 series aircraft (231) was completed by the OMEGA hangar ( on January 7th, 2011. More information on the model can be found at the Hangar Website. The A321 is an extended version of A320 but the fuel tank has not been expanded giving it lesser range. Neither is the CFM56 engine changed. Therefore, the A321-100 series' range is much lesser than even the A320's. A321-200 series was built to fix that problem. In the A321, the fuel tank is extended (even though no changes were made in the engines). The Engines each give about 142,000 kg (32,000 lbs) thrust. This is why it takes time for the plane to lift off compared to the other planes. The OMEGA Hangar's FDM is made as close as possible to the original planes.

A321-200 (OMEGA Hangar) Authors

omega95 : 3D model, YaSim FDM, Livery

Xiang Guo (Reborn) : 3D model, Research

Hafidh Mahasin (INTEL) : Research, Livery

Nicholas Koh (music) : Livery

A321-200 (OMEGA Hangar) Status

The OMEGA Hangar's A321 project has just been started on Dec 28, 2010 and is still under development. The alpha version has been released though. The beta version is currently being worked on. The beta version will have the following which the alpha does NOT have :

1. Landing Gear Door animation

2. Turning wheels and ground smoke

3. 3D Cockpit (This MAY not be available in the beta version)

4. Spoilers

5. Cabin (This too MAY not be available in the beta version)

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