Airbus A300-600ST

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Airbus A300-600ST
A300-600ST Beluga.jpeg
Type Transport
Author(s) Pierre Duval (AKA NightWing)
Status Alpha
Download Download the Airbus A300-600ST aircraft package for the current stable release (2020.3).

The A300-600ST Super Transporter (Beluga) was the best alternative for Airbus Industrie to replace it's aging fleet of B-337SGT_Super Guppies which the company had bought from Aerospacelines in the 70s' of the last century.A more capacious airplane was needed to ferry oversize subassemblies (wings, fuselages) between the partners' factories throughout Europe. Therefore, Airbus decided to use the same concept used for building the Super Guppy : Modifying an existing airplane(A300-600R). The first A300-600ST was built in Toulouse, France,and rolled out in June 1994.Four Belugas had been delivered by 1998 followed by the fifth in 2001 which allowed the smooth retirement of the Super Guppies in 1997.