Gatewing X100

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Gatewing X100
Bermuda Triangle disappearance
TU Delft's X100
TU Delft's X100
Type Unmanned aerial vehicle
Author(s) Gijs de Rooy
--aircraft= X100
Status Alpha
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 Systems Stars-2.png
 Cockpit Stars-0.png
 Model Stars-4.png
X100 over Delft, the Netherlands with OSM streets and buildings.

The Gatewing X100 is an aerial mapping and surveying unmanned aerial vehicle.

Aircraft help

Due to the weak engine, the X100 must be launched via a catapult. This is simulated in FlightGear, just throttle up and press the Gatewing X100 > Operate catapult menu button to start countdown.

Development status/Issues/Todo

  • FDM is mostly copied from the Malolo 1, adapted to the known parameters of the X100 (weight, engine power, size).
  • Launcher 3D model
  • Electronics/camera bay
    • Removable covers
    • Camera

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