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Aircraft in FlightGear are often distributed from a hangar. The official FlightGear hangar is called FGAddon and it contains hundreds of aircraft at different stages of development (including aircraft from up to 20 years ago). Many aircraft are also distributed via 3rd-party hangars.


The FGAddon hangar is distributed using the GPLv2+ licensing terms - see the official FlightGear policy document. Third party hangars are free to license their content as they wish.

Caution  If licensing violations are found in a 3rd party hangar - including copying images, sounds, 3D objects or any other content that cannot be legally copied, or any non-legal licensing combinations - the FlightGear developers reserve the right to remove all mentions of that hangar from the official FlightGear web infrastructure (wiki, forum, mailing lists, etc.). The advertisement of illegal content via the official infrastructure could lead to legal problems for the FlightGear developers.

Official FGAddon hangar

The FGAddon hangar is the official FlightGear hangar.

Aircraft downloads

FGAddon logo.png

All official release aircraft can now be individually downloaded and updated with FlightGear itself. This is a nice way to browse new aircraft and make sure your favorites are always kept up to date.

Aircraft development

The FGAddon version controlled repository contains in-development aircraft as well as aircraft tagged for FlightGear 3.4 and higher stable releases.


Third party sites

Aircraft catalogues

If a hangar provides a catalog URL file (catalog.xml), it can be added to the FlightGear QtLauncher to display all the aircraft of that hangar. You add the URL to the catalog.xml on the Add-ons page in the Aircraft hangars section.

For details on how to create your own catalog.xml file, see Hangar catalog.

Aircraft hangars

These are links where you can download individual planes manually.

Hangar Category Description Catalog URL
Anders' Lighter-than-air Hangar With U.S. Navy K-type, Nordstern, Zeppelin NT, SSZero airships and ZF free balloon and additional craft at Anders' aircraft repositories at GitHub.
Andino's Hangar An-124, A340-600HGW, MD80's, Boeing 707-3J9C and 707-320C.
Bermuda Triangle Category A hypothetical hangar used to categorize temporarily or permanently lost aircraft.
Buckaroo's Hangar Category Velocity XL RG, Edgley Optica, Lockheed 1049H Constellation, Grumman Goose, McDonnell Douglas MD-81 (& a YASim intro).
Dave's Hangar Category catalog.xml
FG Pipistrel Hangar Developing Pipistrel aircraft.
FGMEMBERS GitHub-based fork of FGAddon For Git Distribution and development of FG aircraft | with forum | Aircraft repositories individually. catalog.xml
FlightGear UK - FGUK Hangar Category UK based group improving, mainly European, aircraft and scenery for FG. Weekly MP FlightNights. A lot of helicopters are in the "Rotary Wing" section (November 2020). Over 60 Open Source aircraft so far. Friendly community forum
French FlightGear Hangar (FR) Aermacchi MB326, Dassault Mirage F1 Mikoyan Gurevitch Mig 31 Foxhound, and more.
HCI Lab - University of Udine Aermacchi MB339 Frecce Tricolori.
Helijah FlightGear Hangar Category 275+ original aircraft, the majority of which are maintained in FGAddon.
Hellcat's FlightGear Hangar Scenarios, skins, film inspired aerospace vehicles.
HerbyW Hanger Category Antonov-MilMi-Iljushin-Followme all Rembrandt and Multiplayer support. catalog.xml
Hoerbird Hangar Misc. projects.
Horacio's Hangar Spanish site.
Horizon FlightGear Hangar Dabolim Naval Air Station (VAGO), Goa, India; Murray Bridge/Pallama Airfield (YMBD), Australia; and ADFX-02 Morgan, a fictional aircraft.
HSOTF Official Hangar
JOFH - Just Another Flightgear Hangar JA-37, scenario.
Lake of Constance Hangar Category Quality Signature Series Aircrafts by Marc Kraus from Friedrichshafen home of The Dornier Museum.
Longfly's Hangar
Melbourne Motor Works
Nick's FlightGear Hangar Blog, CRJ-200.
Octal450 Hanger Category High Quality Aircraft: MD-11, MD-80, Others catalog.xml
Operation Red Flag Hangar Flightgear Flight Sim Military Community catalog.xml
PAF team Hangar Category Cessna Citation X, Cap 10b, Robin DR400 JSBSim, Douglas DC-3 C47, Tecnam P92 Echo...
Patten's hangar Alouette-2, DHC6-300, Robin DR400 JSBsim, Tecnam P92 Echo, CAP 10 C, CAP 10 B, Douglas DC3 C47-JSBsim, Sceneries, Ground textures...
Prestes Hangar Category Many Brazilian aircraft articles.
Riktov's FlightGear Hangar BN-2 Islander, Giant Marshmallow Man.
ShFsn's Hangar Various Soviet and Russian aircrafts updated and/or maintained by ShFsn (Tu-144D, Tu-154B-2, An-24B, MiG-15bis, MiG-29, Su-27; as of 2023-11) catalog.xml
Stewart's SEA-horse Aircraft Hanger Newest bluebird version. catalog.xml
Tat's Aircraft for FlightGear A6M2 "Zero", J7W, Ki-84, T-4, HondaJet, OH-1, K5Y1, RV-6A, YS-11.
VicMar Yanagisawa Gen H-4, Stung Biker, Quad Bikes, SRN4, Water Skier, G2 Thunderpack, Martin Jetpack.
Yourgod's Hangar Douglas DC-8.

Old Hangars

These are old or abandoned aircraft hangars.

Hangar Description Status
A-10 and A-6 stuff (Web Archive link)
ACJZA Hangar[dead link] Land, Sea, Air. Dead link as of 2017-01-02.
Airbus Aircraft Development Git[dead link] A320, A330, A340-300, A380 - various authors, see the projects under airbus-aircraft.
DFaber Hangar (Web Archive link) Eurofighter, PC-6, Bf 109, Beufighter, F4U, Ju 52, DH Mosquito, G. Albatross, F-86, and more. Dead link as of 2012-04.
The Fancy FlightGear Hangar A few well made aircraft. Dead download links as of 2020-06
Femboy Wings Tu-144D. catalog.xml Outdated as of 2023-11
Flier95's Hangar[dead link] Blog format. Seems to be replaced by advertisement blog (2020-06)
GRTux Hangar 28+ aircraft and add-ons; you need to mail to GRTux for download. Last updated 2011.
Kent Esbenshade's Boneyard Hangar (Web Archive link) Classic aircraft. Dead link as of 2015-09.
Omega Hangar (Web Archive link) Embraer E-jet Family, A330-200, A320neo, CRJ-700 Full First Class, ATR-42-family, A321-series, Mobile Stairway. Dead link as of 2017-01-02.
pjedvaj's Hangar (Web Archive link) PC-9M, PC-21, MiG-21bis, T-50, Harrier GR.1, F-35B, RAH-66, Su-25, Yak-130. Dead link as of 2018-07-24.
Scighera's Hangar (Web Archive link) Models & liveries. Dead link as of 2020-06
Syd's Google Hangar "Newer 2.0 versions." No entries as of 2020-06
UIUC Hangar For FGFS 0.7.8. Old aircraft FDMs with no 3D models.

Livery/Scenery hangars

Other FlightGear repositories/mirrors

  • HSOTF Official Hangar
  • Unitedfreeworld (scenery, plane models, and livery) - New owners of the Unitedfreeworld domain have reuploaded all prior work released by xsaint, as of September 2018.

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