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Autopush aims to develop a generic pushback for JSBSim and YASim aircraft, with the following characteristics:

  1. Do the pushback procedure automatically.
  2. Scale to different aircraft with minimum changes to their logic.
  3. Use no computer resources in flight.

Implementing Autopush

See README.TXT in the development repository.


September 2021 the following aircraft have Autopush implemented:

--aircraft= Aircraft Hangar
Tu-144D Tupolev Tu-144D femboywings
A320-family Airbus A320 FGAddon
IDG-A33X Airbus A330 Octal450
MD-11 McDonnell Douglas MD-11 Octal450
MD-80 McDonnell Douglas MD-80 Octal450
B777 Boeing 777 FGAddon
747-400 Boeing 747-400 FGAddon
E-Jet family Embraer E-Jet Github

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