Keyboard shortcuts

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Key combination Action
/ Show property browser
? Show current aircraft specific help
, Apply left brakes
. Apply right brakes
[ Flaps up
] Flaps down
Ctrl-C Toggle clickable panel hotspots
Esc Quit FlightGear
h Cycle through HUD styles
H Cycle through HUD brightnesses
F3 Print screen
F10 Toggle menubar visibility
F11 Open autopilot dialog
F12 Open radio settings dialog
p Pause/continue sim
P Toggle 2D panel
Shift-Esc Reset FlightGear
Shift-F1 Load flight
Shift-F2 Save flight
Shift-F5 Scroll 2D panel down
Shift-F6 Scroll 2D panel up
Shift-F7 Scroll 2D panel left
Shift-F8 Scroll 2D panel right
Shift-F10 Cycle through GUI styles


Key combination Action
Ctrl-X Reset zoom to default
v Next view
V Previous view
x Zoom in
X Zoom out
z Increase visibility
Z Decrease visibility
Ctrl-R Instant replay


Key combination Action
/ Show property browser
b Apply all brakes
B Toggle parking brake(s)
g Gear up
G Gear down


Key combination Action
Ctrl-A Altitude lock
Ctrl-H Heading lock
Ctrl-G Glideslope lock
Ctrl-N NAV1 lock
Ctrl-P Pitch hold
Ctrl-S Autothrottle
Ctrl-T Terrain lock
Ctrl-W Wing level
F6 Heading lock