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Eurocopter EC135
Type Helicopter
Author(s) Heiko Schulz, Maik Justus, Melchior Franz
--aircraft= /ec135









Status v0.2


This is an model of the Eurocopter EC135, a light twin-engine, multi-mission helicopter.

Eurocopter has two version of it: the EC 135 P2i and the EC 135 T2i P2 stands for the PRATT and WHITNEY PW 206B2 turbine engine with 743 PS (horsepower). T2 stands for TURBOMECA Arrius 2B2 turbine engine with 706 PS. The EC 135 descends from the MBB Bo 108. The Bo 108 was a demonstration prototype for fly-by-wire and has it's descend from the famous Bo 105. When the Eurocopter company was founded, the Bo 108 came with. Eurocopter decided that there was a marcetplace for such a helicopter and the developement went on. From the french partners it got the fenestron, from MBB the hingeless rotor. The fenestron makes it very hard for dangerous situations in the range of the tail rotor and reduces the noise level about 50% to other helicopters That's why the EC 135 is a vey recommanded helicopter for EMS and the police, especially in Europe but in the USA, Japan and other states too.

The models Includes the german ADAC version, the austrian ÖAMTC version and the EC135-prototype version as default

Development status/Issues/Todo

File:Ec135 LFLJ.jpg
EC 135 "D-HECZ" (prototype) takes off above the clouds at Courchevel; see Flying the helicopter

Actual version: v.0.6 (CVS)

  • fixes wrong rotorshaft tilt in fdm
  • some bugfixes on fuselage
  • sound fixed

very next To-Do:

  • rotor model and animation
  • bugfixing on windscreen
  • instruments finishing

Actual version: v.0.5 (CVS)

  • photorealistic panel
  • liveries improved
  • better fps-perfomance while changing liveries

Actual version: v.0.4 (FGFS 1.9.1 release)

This is a complete rebuild of the ec135 with a much better exterior model It is currently a work in progress, so a lots of things can be broken now, but it should be not worser to fly than in the last version.

  • complete new exterior with added antennas and other mounting parts(search lights, cameras)
  • glas shader with fresnel effect
  • variants changing over mp
  • better texture mapping so it should be easy to make your own livery

Currently in Progress at this date:

  • replacing the panels and adding the digital version with a nearly photorealistic one!
  • adding the overhead
  • making it all clickable and working from the cockpit
  • better interior : EMS and VIP-version
  • remade D-HECZ-Livery
  • mapped ec135 with D-HECZ-Livery
  • added ADAC Chr. 23-Livery made with photorealistic parts like Fenestron and Logos- still some things missing like lines
  • added phtorealistic textures to exhaust and rails
  • adding and finishing the missing liveries like the OEAMTC, G-SASA, Bavarian Police
  • adding the high skid model

Actual version: v.0.2

  • fully new made 3D-model - matching real good to the real one
  • improved interior with stick and pedals
  • changed variants: ADAC Chr. 31 "Berlin", D-HECZ "second prototype", ÖAMTC Christopherus 1
  • improved cockpit with half analog IFR-panel
  • HSI is now working, working VOR
  • GSDI selectable
  • improved and more detailed main rotor with incidence animation
  • Fenestron now with the correct configuration of the blades: 1-4-1-4
  • dynamic flight model now with the correct position of the CG
  • added frontlight, retractable landinglight, strobes with the correct frequency, beacon with the correct frequency
  • rotor brake system now working


  • adding antennas and other mounting parts (search lights, cameras)
  • fully clickable cockpit (half-analog and digital)
  • complete light function
  • variants with radardome
  • variants with high-skid
  • much more (international)variants!
  • realistic dynamic flight model
  • mainrotors much more detailed
  • animation of the fenestron blades (incidence)
  • sound still could be improved
  • adding pilots figures

Actual version: v.0.1

  • first 3d-model of an ec135
  • first try of an ec135-flight dynamic model
  • livery changing
  • two version: ADAC and Bavarian Police
  • first version of the half analog cockpit
  • doors to open


  • better quality of the 3d-model
  • full mainrotor animation
  • better Fenestron
  • improve cockpit, implementing a working HSI
  • clean up the xml-files
  • improve soundsystem
  • realistic dynamic flight model
  • selectable GSDI
  • implementing rotor brake system
  • more variants

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