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Part of the community and developing aircraft for FlightGear since 2006. Especially interested in realistic rotorcraft and fixed-wings using real numbers.

Maintainer of:

Creator of:

  • Panavia Tornado 3d-model for FlightGear(now maintained by FGUK) which is also used by the Tornado Support Center at Manching/ Germany (part of a software in use by german tornado flight crews)
  • Created 737-300 exterior in 2008;
  • improvement of C172P in 2008;
  • created ASK21 (my very first aircraft);
  • improved Bell UH1 2009/2010;
  • created moveable helipads for LOWI-Scenery made by ot-666;
  • bug hunting;
  • some Cube Maps for the reflection shader;
  • filled up 77S Creswell Hobby Field with some objects,
  • ported the support for FaceTrackNoIR

and other minor things.....

"Haste makes waste"

from: Wilhelm Meister's Journeyman Years, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

FlightGear is a hobby, the main priorities in life are different. So I'm quite slow, and do not have not much time left for his time consuming hobby: I have a real life, a real and demanding job completely unrelated to aviation and flight sims - so have some patience!