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Supported Video Cards


could you please have a look at my comment on Talk:Supported Video Cards?

Thanks! Gijs 12:04, 3 March 2013 (UTC)

I see you're making lots of edits to the page. The frequent addition and removal of many cards makes me wonder what you're basing it on? Right now it looks somewhat like a random pick-of-the-day.
My previous comment about the difference between this page and Hardware recommendations is also still valid. The page title is "Support video cards", yet the largest section is called "Recommended video cards". Makes it rather confusing to users looking for a new system. While many of the cards listed do work fine, I wouldn't recommend them for use in a new system nowadays.
Gijs (talk) 11:29, 19 September 2014 (UTC)
PS: Note that MediaWiki stores the entire page (or section) when making an edit. One big edit requires far less server space than 15 small edits. Nothing wrong with making small edits, but once you make 15 of them to a single page with just a couple of minutes interval, it's different. Please try to keep that in mind ;-)