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Note  This is severely out of date. Needs updating.

This page is meant to provide a list of those video cards that are known to have good OpenGL support to run the latest versions of FlightGear, based on contents taken from Hardware Recommendations. Note that this doesn't mean that with all of these cards you can run FlightGear with details and effects at the maximum level, but only that, if they're powerful enough, they could.

Please help maintain this list so that fellow FlightGear users can more easily make hardware decisions.

For Linux and *nix users

Please specify if you're using "free" implementations of drivers.

Graphic Cards recommended for FlightGear 3.2-3.4


  • Radeon™ R9 series (recommended)
  • Radeon™ R7 series (recommended)
  • Radeon™ HD 5000 series or better (AMD Catalyst™ 14.x driver support)
  • Radeon™ HD 2xxx/3xxx/4xxx series (AMD Catalyst™ 13.x driver support)
  • Radeon X1xxx-series (AMD Catalyst™ 9.x driver support)


  • Iris Pro Graphics 5200 (recommended)
  • Iris Graphics 5100
  • HD Graphics 5300/5000/4600/4400/4200


  • GeForce GTX models (recommended)
  • GeForce GT 520
  • GeForce 8 (8xxx) series or higher

S3 Graphics

  • Chrome 500 series
  • Chrome 400 series
  • Chrome 4300E/5400E

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