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Henrique Parise
Location Murten, FR, Switzerland
Age 18
Job Student
Interest(s) Playing the Piano, IT, Air Traffic Controlling, Gaming
MP callsign(s) BRT0185; LFSB-TW
Favourite aircraft -
Website -

Hello all! I am Thefan630. I am on Flightgear (so as the Wiki) since October 2012. My main job on the Wiki is Translating articles to Portuguese (yes, I am Portuguese). I am normally air traffic controlling at the Euro-airport. But sometimes I fly too, mainly the A330-200. I fly charts for BRT Virtual Airlines. I also often fly other aircraft too. I once built a plastic model of the Concorde, and I loved it!

Here is a list with my contributions to the Wiki (translated articles & others):

Well, and that is all I have to tell you about me. Your dear:

Thefan630 Thefan630 (talk) 18:02, 5 October 2016 (EDT)

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