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dg-505 (Jonathan)
Location Leverkusen, Germany
Age 19
Interest(s) Gliding, model planes, FlightGear
Favourite aircraft

My FlightGear history

The first time I downloaded FlightGear was, at least I think, in 2010, when 2.0.0 was the latest version. I flew around a bit, but because of my very very low end laptop, it was not a very nice experience. I stopped using FlightGear fo a couple of years. Then in late 2013 I re-discovered FlightGear with 2.12 as the latest release. I started wondering, how such a Flight Simulator can be freeware and open source. After reading many articles on the Forum and the Wiki, I wanted to contibute something to this wonderful project. So my first small contributions were some objects in the FlightGear scenery Database. My main interests in FlightGear are currently improving the region around EDFL with some 3D models, and helping a bit contribute to the DHC-6 Twin Otter. I just started learning XML and it's a slow learning progress, because before FlightGear I didn't have any experiences in writing any kind of code. As I also haven't written a single line of nasal, I am more a 3D modeler; I think this is my better area of contribution.

Currently I'm working together with other users on the Twin Otter.


DHC-6 Twin Otter (wiki page, forum)


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