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Location Bacolod City, Philippines, SE Asia
Age 43
Job IT-Consultant
Interest(s) 3D-Modeling, Scripting, Logic
MP callsign(s) D-SKY1
Favourite aircraft Boeing 737-100, Cessna Citation X, Boeing 777-200
Website none

Actual Project(s) / Work in progress

Already implemented contributions


Airbus A320 in Cebu Pacific livery
Boeing 737-100 in People Express livery



My Future Plans

  • AI traffic for RPLL done and available via Terrasync
  • More AI traffic enhancements in OMDB
  • 3D models for OMDB
  • Models and AI traffic RPVB (New Bacolod Silay Airport, Island of Negros, Phillipines)
  • Models and AI traffic RPML (Cagayan De Oro, Island of Mindanao, Phillipines)
  • My own selfmade aircraft ;) Gulfstream G650

Most time of the day you can find me in irc://
irc:// and/or irc://
Don't ask to ask. Just ask and be assured I don't feed trolls ;)