Ubuntu 12.04 Package List and Build Hints

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The following command will load the necessary build dependencies for simgear and flightgear into a fresh Ubuntu 12.04 (as of 2012-09-02):

apt-get install build-essential git cmake libsvncpp-dev libboost-dev libgl1-mesa-dev libopenal-dev libopenscenegraph-dev libfltk1.3-dev libudev-dev libapr1-dev libplib-dev libxi-dev libxmu-dev libjpeg-dev libxinerama-dev libpng12-dev libxft-dev

Also, if you're using sources older than 2012-09-03 and you're on a 64 bit machine, you need to set this environment variable before running the cmakes:

export LIBSVN_DIR=/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu

This is needed because {simgear,flightgear}/CMakeModules/FindSvnClient.cmake uses an explicit search path that misses the place libsvn_client is really installed on a 64 bit Ubuntu system.