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The following template description is not displayed when the template is inserted in an article.
This template is outdated but is kept for historical reference.

This template is kept for the last few pages that link to it. It is not functional and the links it produces are broken. Please use the {{repo link}} family of templates instead.
See also the discussion page.


This template allows easy links to SVN-managed files or projects located at SourceForge.

Note Using this will add an external link; make sure to enter the appropriate security question after hitting "Save page", or your changes will be lost.


{{SVN link
| path     =
| reponame =
| rev      =
| line     =
| text     =
| pre      =

All parameters are optional. If no parameters are given, the template will link to the Aircraft folder of FGAddon.

Path to the file or directory.
Path to the repository. Defaults to flightgear/fgaddon.
Revision number. Defaults to HEAD.
Line to go to on the page.
Alternative label for the link text. Will override all other parameters.
Prefix for the links label. Defaults to flightgear/fgaddon.


{{SVN link}}


{{SVN link|path=Aircraft/Mirage-2000/m2000-5-set.xml|pre=$FGDATA}}


{{SVN link|path=Aircraft/Mirage-2000/m2000-5-set.xml|line=7|text=Line 7 of the Mirage 2000-5's set.xml file}}

Line 7 of the Mirage 2000-5's set.xml file

Known issues

It appears that line does not work with files on Sourceforge that are not XML. This seems to be a problem with SourceForge. See the below example and the second example above for illustration.

{{SVN link|path=Aircraft/Mirage-2000/Nasal/missile.nas|line=7|text=missile.nas - line7}}

missile.nas - line7

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