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The following template description is not displayed when the template is inserted in an article.
Deprecated  The newer {{fgdata source}} template provides far greater functionality and should be used instead. This is not a subtemplate of the master {{repo link}} template.


This template can be used when linking to source files or directories in the fgdata repository.


{{fgdata file|path|l=|t=|r=|nopath=}}

Both parameters are optional.

What follows after /tree/ in the URL. Can be the path to a file or a directory. If empty, the link will point to the root of the fgdata repository.
A line number. This should just be a single number, as SourceForge does not support multiple line numbers.
Note This parameter will not work if the linked file is of a certain file type, such as .nas. However, this is to do with SourceForge, not the template.
A commit reference. Usually the SHA-1 commit ID (which can be abbreviated), but it can also be a tag or a branch name. If empty, the link will point to the next branch.
Text to show as the URL's label instead of file path.
Strips off the fgdata/ part of the URL label, leaving just the contents of the path parameter.
Note The t parameter will override this parameter.


No parameters given

{{fgdata file}}


Path given

{{fgdata file|Nasal/geo.nas}}


Path and a commit reference given

{{fgdata file|Nasal/geo.nas|r=release/3.6.0}}

fgdata/Nasal/geo.nas (release/3.6.0)

{{fgdata file|Nasal/geo.nas|r=0d4a86}}

fgdata/Nasal/geo.nas (0d4a86)

{{fgdata file|Nasal/geo.nas|r=0d4a86e3d454a526d561be4354e0dd26bb5f6daf}}

fgdata/Nasal/geo.nas (0d4a86e3d454a526d561be4354e0dd26bb5f6daf)

Line parameter given

{{fgdata file|Huds/default.xml|l=4}}

fgdata/Huds/default.xml (line 4)

{{fgdata file|Huds/default.xml|r=5ae515|l=4}}

fgdata/Huds/default.xml (5ae515, line 4)

Custom label given

{{fgdata file|Nasal/geo.nas|t=geo.nas}}


Nopath parameter given

{{fgdata file|Huds/default.xml|nopath=1}}


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