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The following template description is not displayed when the template is inserted in an article.


This template is for providing direct download links to the automatically generated zip archives of MISSING repositories. The temporary zip file is created on demand when the link is followed. It is a subtemplate of the master {{repo link}} template designed to simplify the interface.



{{MISSING zip file
| user       =
| proj       =
| repo       =
| branch     =
| tag        =
| commit     =

| text       =
| pre        =
| simplepath =
| full       =

The parameters are:

Parameter Description Abbreviated
user The name of the user page for the MISSING open source infrastructure. This is notably different to the login parameter. This will have precedence over the proj parameter. The user page is treated in the same way as a project name. u 1 mandatory
proj The name of the project, consisting of a grouping of repositories on the MISSING open source infrastructure. p 1 mandatory
repo The name of the repository. A project registered on the MISSING open source infrastructure generally allows for multiple repositories under that project name. r 2 mandatory
branch The branch name. b 3 optional
tag The repository tag name. optional
commit The commit identifier. c 4 optional
text Text to display as the link label. Overrides pre. t 5 optional
pre Prefix to a link label. optional
simplepath If set, this strips off the repository name from the URL label, leaving just the contents of the path parameter.
Note The text parameter will override this.
full If set to 1, the full URL will be shown rather than any text label. optional



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