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FlightGear currently uses these properties to set up the aircraft's initial situation :

/sim/presets/airport-id - The ICAO identifier for an airport waypoint, such as "KJFK" or "EGLL". See also the runway property. An airport identifier takes precedence over vor-id , ndb-id , or fix , but is overridden by latitude-deg and longitude-deg .


/sim/presets/altitude-ft - If this property has a value greater than -9990, then FlightGear will use it to set the initial altitude MSL, unless the glideslope-deg property is also set.


/sim/presets/fix - The identifier for a fix or intersection of some kind. All other waypoints take precedence over a fix. This property should be renamed to fix-id .

/sim/presets/heading-deg - The aircraft's initial heading in degrees. FlightGear may also use this property to select a default runway in some situations.

/sim/presets/latitude-deg - If an explicit longitude and latitude are supplied, FlightGear will use that; otherwise, it will look for an airport-id , vor-id , ndb-id , fix , and then finally default to KSFO if nothing else is available.

/sim/presets/longitude-deg - See latitude-deg.


/sim/presets/ndb-id - The identifier for an NDB waypoint, such as "OW" or "YSH". An NDB takes precedence over fix.

/sim/presets/onground - True if the aircraft should start on the ground, false otherwise.




/sim/presets/runway - The name of a runway, such as "22" or "11R", for an onground start or an initial approach path. This property makes sense only with the airport-id property.








/sim/presets/vor-id - The identifier for a VOR waypoint, such as "YOW" or "ART". A VOR takes precedence over ndb-id and fix .