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This article will guide you through the download, installation and setup of OpenRadar.

At first the most important: We publish early to give you influence on the final application.

Installation of OpenRadar


  1. Download the zip file from here (Change Log)
  2. Extract the content to a place where it is easy to find
  3. If your former version had a 'settings' folder, please copy the 'xml' and 'properties' files into the new extracted settings folder (all but the contains your inputs in settings dialogue, atcComments.xml contains the text on the flight strips, the airport property files your centerline/radio frequency settings of the airport, the content of sub folder ATCmsg contains the templates for the automatic ATC messages, copy it only, if you have adapted it!)


  1. You need a recent Java installed (at least Java Runtime Environment 1.7)

The Guide

Please read our Guide ! It shows all the features in detail!


I try to collect known issues tips and tricks on this page and here. Please check if I have provided a new version of the binary release in meantime. Maybe your issue is gone.

Last but not least: Please be positive and give constructive feedback. Which features are useful, which should be changed, what is really missing. Target should be to have a reliable, handy tool, not an potentially really useful, but overloaded and buggy everlasting prototype.


If you are a developer, please contact us (Wolfram) before you start to help us.