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This is more or less the help page of OpenRadar. If you don't find answers here, at the install page or in the guide, please ask in the Forum!


  • FGCom setup: See installation page!
  • How can I contact the developer?: Send me mails from the fg forum.
  • ATIS wind direction differs from METAR: Yes, spoken is MAGNETIC, written is TRUE. ATIS information always respects the magnetic declination.

Known Issues

  • I can't see all 24 runways on my netbook, there is no scrollbar Sorry guys. but we need space. There is so much to display and tell that you should really consider to use a wider screen! Our target platform is a modern wide screen monitor. If you have two, the better: You can run a flightgear instance with a "camera aircraft" on the other and you add a nice view for ground operations...
  • Unsupported major.minor version x.y: Your installed Java is too old. Please install at least Java 7
  • METAR support for small airports METAR is available only for big airports. => rightclick on Metar to define an alternative
  • FONTS are bad using OpenJDK there license issues with the fonts I have read. Open or OpenRadar.bat and add -Dswing.aatext=true -Dawt.useSystemAAFontSettings=on in front of --jar OpenRadar.jar