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Docs are incomplete. It is said in the documentation, that settings are predefined but to check settings. For what?! You make no explanation as to what proper settings should be, or how to troubleshoot should problems occur. You're assuming people know what to look for, and how to fix it, which is mistaken. The purpose of documentation is to inform, and with this blatant, glaring omission, this document fails. I'm running into an issue where I cannot get OR to spawn on the mpmap, but your documentation blathers on about fgcom, and not about the OpenRadar application as it should, as this IS the openradar wiki page. Will someone kindly fix this?

Trennor 16:05, 20 March 2013 (UTC)

Asking nicely might help... I'm thankful that Wolfram has taken the time to develop this application and even write instructions.
Anyway, the settings dialog contains some tips if you hover your mouse over the labels. Half of the settings is about FGCom, so it's not surpising that this article covers FGCom stuff, is it? The other half are MP and METAR settings. MP settings should be familiar to anyone who's ever run FlightGear MP and the METAR setting can be left untouched.
To get help with your specific issue, the forum might be a better place.
Cheers, Gijs 16:57, 20 March 2013 (UTC)
Thank you Gijs. Right, I understand that you might be frustrated, but instead of being constructive and tell what you problem is, you behave as if you have bought a thousand bugs application with full support. As Gijs said, we work in our sparetime for free, that is worth being more friendly. But let us forget it.
The documentation in Wiki should be as good as needed. If we explain every detail nobody would like to read it anymore. Its first target audience were experienced ATCs/FG users, so the level and the selection of details might be not suitable. Sorry about that, but if you tell me, what you problem is I will re-check the text.
If your issue is <quote>I'm running into an issue where I cannot get OR to spawn on the mpmap</quote>: Maybe you seem to use a callsign that is already in use. The multiplayer server accepts only one callsign instance at a time. In this case you will also see no contacts on ORs map. This behavior of the mp server is done without telling the client, so OR cannot tell if there are no contacts or if you use an existing callsign. So try to rename it.
If this does not help, you might have a network issue. Potential sources: Check if you try to use the same local UDP port in OR to contact the MP server as Flightgear. If so, both applications cannot run to the same time. You should also check your router firewall/computer firewall if this port is filtered. Please start the application in a command window/console. OR might write out an error trace in the background.
Please explain your detail in more detail. You can also use forum PMs for that.
Wolfram March, 21