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Reloading the sound configuration without restarting can be a massive time saver for those working on sound configuration files.

The Nasal console method described below no longer works. Instead you can reload the Aircraft model (Debug -> Reload Aircraft Model).

Using the Nasal console

Note: this method does not work anymore.

The following line of Nasal code can be entered in the Nasal console (found in the Debug menu).

 fgcommand("reinit",{ subsystem: "fx" }))

Every time the line is executed the sound subsystem ("fx") is restarted and the configuration file reloaded, enabling you to test your changes instantly.

Tip  Remember to actually save your sound configuration file each time you want to test it, so that FG can see the most recent changes.

Reloading the sound config automatically

Here is a Nasal function which will automatically reload the sound configuration file when you make a change:

 var reload_sound = func {
  var sf = getprop('/tmp/sound-xml/path');
  if(sf == nil)
    sf = getprop('/sim/fg-root') ~ '/' ~ getprop('/sim/sound/path');
    setprop('/tmp/sound-xml/path', sf);
  var st = io.stat(sf);
  var lm = getprop('/tmp/sound-xml/modified');
  if(lm == nil)
    lm = st[9];
    setprop('/tmp/sound-xml/modified', lm);
  elsif(lm < st[9])
    setprop('/tmp/sound-xml/modified', st[9]);
    fgcommand('reinit',{ subsystem: "fx" }));
  settimer(reload_sound, 2);

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