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The Plan

I intend to build a complete simulated Cessna 172P Instrument Panel with working instruments, gauges, controls and radios, built from scratch, starting soon. The project will be compact, about 40 inches wide, with seating and controls for a pilot and copilot. It will be freestanding, but can also be attached to a table or desk. I'd like it to be easy to transport so it can be demonstrated to others in a variety of settings. During the project I'll be learning more about Electronics, 3D Printing, Routing and Milling and using basic machine tools. I've already started, I have a few drawings and CAD designs. I am about to do some prototype circuits for things I'm certain to use. As I go through the project, I'm doing a lot of writing both about the process and the results. I hope these will be a help to others on the same journey.

While working on this project I'm working on two related How To sections on the wiki.  This one and one covering cockpit building in general.


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