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High Level Hardware - Aircraft Gauges, Instruments, Radios, Switches and Controls

Action Item Next Steps
  • Airspeed
  • Turn and Bank Indicator
  • Attitude Indicator
  • Gyroscopic Heading Indicator
  • Altitude
  • Vertical Speed
  • VOR 1 & 2
  • ADF
  • Need spec for each
Engine Gauges
  • Suction
  • Fuel Left
  • Fuel Right
  • Oil Pressure
  • Oil Temperature
  • Tachometer
  • EGT
  • Need spec for each
  • Need a list of groups
  • Need a list of individual switches
  • Need spec for each
KMA 20
  • Need spec
KX 165
  • Need spec
  • Need spec
  • Need spec
  • Need spec
  • Need spec
Flight controls - Primer
  • Need spec
Flight controls - Throttle
  • Need spec
Flight controls - Mixture
  • Need spec
Flight controls - Carb Heat
  • Need spec
Flight controls - Flaps
  • Need spec
Flight controls - Trim Wheel
  • Need spec
Use Saitek Yoke & Pedals until suitable replacements are designed and built.(2018) Needs research. Would like to do force feedback.

Low Level Hardware

Action Item Next Steps

Sim hardware

  • Raspberry Pi3 as master controller
  • Raspberry Pi Nano's, Arduino's, ATMega or PIC microprocessors and peripherals to handle the low level hardware.
Description of Software needed
Switches of various kinds: spst on-off, spdt on-off-on, rotary, fuel selector and a master key switch
  • Sixteen Banks of Sixteen switches
  • MCP23S17 spi Port Expanders - only 2 are needed for 256 switches.
  • raspberry pi nano or Arduino will cycle through the 16 banks every 125 ms and report changes to the master pi to hand off to the simulator
  • ADC port - can handle a multi-position rotary switch if wired to a cascading voltage divider
  • Magnetic reed switches or Hall Effect transducers will be used for the fuel selector
Breakdown switches into devices or groups of devices
Adjusting knobs for instruments, instrument lighting, volume and frequency on radios, throttle, mixture, carb heat, cabin air, cabin heat
  • Potentiometers on an ADC port
  • Rotary encoders on two gpio lines each
  • Magnetic encoder chips on an spi or i2c bus
  • 3d printed knobs and parts for the Trim Wheel
  • ADC Potentiometer Routine Spec & Prototype
  • Rotary Encoder Routine Spec & Prototype
  • 3d printer Specs for knobs
  • 3d printer Specs for Trim Wheel
Pull switches and dual concentric controls on radios.
  • brass tubing concentric sizes
  • pocket clips and springs from cheap or free pens
  • 3d printed detents and knobs
  • specs for all pull switches and concentric controls
  • 3d printer drawings of detents
  • 3d printer drawings of knobs
single and dual needles; movable compass rings and other rotating scales
  • Air coils
  • X25.168 stepper motors
  • Air coil or stepper motor driver chips - For example: On Semiconductor CS8190
  • H-Bridge circuit or chip
  • PWM gpio outputs from a raspberry pi 3, a raspberry pi Nano or an Arduino.
  • Circuit for H-Bridge & driver for air coil
  • Circuit for H-Bridge & driver for stepper motor
  • Software spec for Air Coil
  • Software spec for X25.168 stepper motors
  • Prototype Air Coil
  • Prototype Stepper Motor
Needle Indicators and Gauges requiring only 90 degrees of needle movement
  • Meter movements pulled from cheap panel meters driven by pwm outputs
  • Air coils if the meter movements don't do the job
  • Prototype Meter Movement
  • Software Spec for Meter Movement PCM driver
the ball on the turn and bank indicator
  • electromagnets driven by pwm outputs moving a steel ball bearing in a plastic or glass tube.
  • damping fluid - if needed
white buttons - pushbutton style on some of the radios and autopilot
  • 3d printed - router engraved and painted
Numeric displays on the nav/com and DME radios, alphabetic displays on the autopilot
  • Max7219 or Max7221 on SPI or I2c
LED indicators on the autopilot, KMA 20 and VOR indicators
  • photo-transparency - for printed lettering
  • 3d printed mask - to separate indicators
  • LEDs - white or orange - low current
Action Item Next Steps
Instrument Panel
  • Instrument Panel Frame
  • Mounting panel sections
  • Left L
  • Right L
  • Six Pack
  • Switch Panel
  • Right Seat Panel
  • Console
Design needed for each item

Hardware vs. software

Hi. I would highly recommend naming this page so that it is clear that this is to do with the hardware project. The name Howto:C172P Cockpit Project is confusing. I would automatically assume it is a sub-project for the modelling of the Cessna 172P default FG aircraft cockpit! All your Howto:C172P Panel Project* subpages should also be renamed to match. How about one of Howto:C172P simulator cockpit project, Howto:C172P flight simulator cockpit project, or Howto:C172P cockpit simulation project? Note the lowercase lettering too - this is part of this wiki's conventions.

Bugman (talk) 05:31, 9 November 2017 (EST)