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The focus of this Howto is currently on prototyping various circuits and hardware that can be used in building parts of a cockpit. Soon we'll have examples of cockpit parts people have actually built and interfaced with Flightgear.

The Cockpit Building Bug has Bitten You

Ok! You've decided you want to build some parts or all of a Simulator Cockpit, an Instrument Panel or Radio Stack. Possibly some controls like Yokes, Rudder Pedals, Throttles, Flaps, Light Switches etc.

You'll have to do a bit of digging, but there's plenty of information out there about projects like the one you are starting. There's a short list below of the kind of thing you'll find on the internet related to cockpit building.

There are several other flightgear efforts similar to this one. You should check these out for ideas and approaches and solutions. You'll find them in the Cockpit Building Category If you're contributing any new wiki pages on this topic be sure to add this category.

Getting Started

To get started on your simulator, write a one page document as an overview of what you are trying to accomplish, and what you need to do. Keep it simple and short. The purpose is to clarify your own thinking about the project, not to be a "Grand Design"

Examine information about Prototyping for the electrical and electronic devices you'll need to build your gauges, instruments, radios and controls.

As you construct your cockpit, especially if you are building a close replica, you may find problems to solve that may be easier if you have or acquire certain basic skills or knowledge. Howto: Build your own Panel or Cockpit - Skills & Knowledge attempts to list some of these. This page is under initial development.

Look in the Cockpit Building Category for other related projects

Status of this Howto

For information about where things stand with this Howto, click the discussion tab.

Some Detail

Links to similar efforts on the Flightgear wiki

Links to FlightGear mailing list and forum entries related to panels or cockpits

Cockpit and panel projects on the FlightGear Wiki

Other cockpit and panel projects

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