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Where things stand with Howto: Build your own Panel or Cockpit

I've reworked the Howto so its much more focused. The howto will emphasize actuall builds of prototypes or completed parts of a cockpit. I've removed a lot of irrelevant material. Let me know if you see any more.

As of 1-Nov-2017, I'm doing prototypes for various items, some mechanical, some aesthetics, some electronics and a little programming. As time allows, I'll document more of that work in the Howto. Feel free to contribute your own work to the Howto.

Relationship to other pages in the Flightgear Wiki Cockpit Building Category

A number of members of the Flightgear community are building cockpit projects. It is not a competition. All of us have made progress because of help and advice given by other members of the Flightgear community on the wiki, in the forum and the developer mailing list. Each of us comes to the task of writing wiki pages and building cockpits with different skills, motivation and goals, but one could say we're all in the same aircraft and our destinations are all in the same general area. I encourage other members to look at all the pages related to cockpit building on this wiki and elsewhere, to ask questions and make their own contributions to move us all forward.

What's next

Over the next few weeks and months, I'll complete enough of the planned prototypes to actually start to build some of the simpler gauges, instruments and radios. I'll be taking pictures and posting them to the Howto's prototype pages.

Drop me a line

Feel free to contact me about your simulation projects: [[ |Email Callahanp]]. I show up occasionally on #flightgear and #fg_canteen on

Callahanp (talk) 22:55, 4 November 2017 (EDT)