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This wiki page lists all information required for participants to the FSweekend and the EHAM Historic Multiplayer event.

Flight Information


Activities will mainly take place at and around Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (EHAM), Lelystad Airport (EHLE), Volkel Air Base (EHVK) and EH0001. A few things to keep in mind:

  • The main runways and gates at EHAM will be occupied by AI traffic, so MP activity should be concentrated at ruwnay 22/04 and the tarmac east of that runway. The other runways will be used by commercial traffic driven by the AI traffic system.
  • Be aware that EH0001 requires an apt.dat edit. More information can be found in the VU University Medical Center article. The helipad should be occupied by only one helicopter at a time. However, two helis are only allowed in exceptional situations and if one of them is parked at the pad near the hangar.


All charts that you may have to use on your flights are available at http://ais-netherlands.nl (AIS Publications > Integrated Package). Please note that these are the most up to date charts available, so certain situations might not have been changed in FlightGear (EHAM, EHLE and EHVK taxiways should be correct though).

Parking positions have been created for EHAM, EHRD and EHLE (A1-A6, B1 and B2).

All named airports are for civil usage, except for Volkel Air Base (EHVK). This base will be occupied by the (AI) F-16 squadrons and likely one setup in Lelystad. Feel free to join with your F-16.

FGCOM Frequencies

FGCOM will be used for EHAM Tower communications. There here listed frequencies are all plausible. The final frequency decision will be made Friday evening and published on the forum and wiki.

MHz Position Comments
119.22(5) EHAM Tower Primary frequency
117.800 EHAM Tower Actually PAM (Pampus DVOR/DME), but used as EHAM Tower if decided
122.750 EHAM Tower FGCom default freq, used as backup if all others fail

Schiphol will be the only controlled airport (10.00 and 17.00 CET on both days). Keep your eyes open and look around for traffic at all times when flying at the other airports (this applies to EHAM as well of course).

Weather information

Reallife weather information can be found at the KNMI (Dutch Meteological institute) website.

  • METAR current weather at airports
  • TAF expected weather at airports

Likely we will be using a predefined weather scenario, due to the bad conditions over the past days. The scenario will be distributed via the forum and wiki, so everyone will be flying in the same weather.


We will be using newly generated scenery in Lelystad. To make sure we won't see any aircraft taxiing on the grass or through building, please download the scenery to your local machine.


Aerobatics show

NicQ has offered to do an aerobatics show at EHAM, scheduled for 14.00, 15.00, and 16.00 (CET) for about 10 minutes each.

He will be flying 3 aircraft : the first one is based on one available from Git, the Stampe SV-4, but with some important modifications to the FDM, as well as adding an MP compatible, multi colour smoke machine. This will allow some spectacular aerobatic figures, as well as hopefully, a 3 plane fly-over in the colours of the Netherlands flag. Get it from his workshop, right here

He's also fly two of grtux's aircraft, both using a jsbsim FDM : the Fouga Magister (new version with smoke machine add-on as of today, November 6th) as well as his brilliant Stampe SV-4C (and its smoke add-on) in the colours of the French Aeronavale, in which he'll showcase spins, inverted flick rolls and other figures. Both aircraft need a separate add-on downloaded and installed over the aircraft's folder to enable the smoke machines. Install the aircraft first, then the smoke add-on over it, letting it replace files as needed.

All aircraft and add-on used for the showcase can be downloaded from the links at the bottom of the page. Make sure to (re) download all 3 if you want to be able to see the aerobatic show in all its glory, as there have been recent updates to all of them !!

EHAM Historic

Since the organizers of the event have requested to consider the commemoration of 100 years of powered flight in the Netherlands, our idea is to have a historic aircraft gathering at "Schiphol-oost", the eastern tarmac of EHAM (parking positions A11 to A31), that runs along the 04/22 runway. We will probably keep running AI traffic at EHAM during the event, which will be using the other five runways, so all multiplayer aircraft should be using runway 04/22 for arrival and departure.

Public opening hours will be between 10.00 and 17.00 CET (09.00 and 16.00 UTC), so ideally that should be the time with most multiplayer activity.

Participating aircraft

These aircraft have been chosen, because they have (had) something to do with aviation in the Netherlands (100 years celebration), or KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (90 years celebration). Use the Dutch liveries (Fokker, KLM, Transavia, RNLAF), where possible.

Everyone participating should have the FSweekend livery package installed. Using liveries other than aircraft's default or those in this package might be invisible for one another.


  • Boeing 707 (Transavia)
  • Boeing 737 (KLM)
  • Boeing 747-400 (KLM)
  • Boeing 777-200 (KLM)
  • Consolidated B24 "Liberator"
  • Consolidated PBY "Catalina"
  • Douglas DC-2 (KLM)
  • Douglas DC-3
  • Douglas DC-6 (KLM)
  • Fokker 50 (KLM or Fokker)
  • Fokker 70
  • Fokker 100
  • Fokker Dr.I
  • General Dynamics F16 (RNLAF or RNLAF Demoteam)
  • Hawker Seahawk
  • Lockheed 1049h Super Constellation (KLM)
  • Lockheed Starfighter
  • North American B-25 Mitchell
  • Sud Aviation Caravelle (Transavia)
  • Supermarine Spitfire
  • B-24