Dornier Do R4 Nas

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Dornier Superwal
Type Flying boat, Airliner, Civil aircraft, Historical aircraft
Configuration High wing aircraft, Push-pull aircraft
Propulsion Piston aircraft, Four-engine aircraft, Propeller aircraft
Manufacturer Dornier
Author(s) Oliver Predelli
--aircraft= superwal
Status Production
 Website The website for the Dornier Superwal developments.
 Repository The development repository of the Dornier Superwal.
Download Download the Dornier Superwal aircraft package for the current stable release (2020.3).
License GPLv2+

The Dornier Do R4 Nas Superwal was a flying boat, developed in the 1920s with four Napier V Lion piston engines. The Do R could carry 19 passengers in two cabins; 11 in the forward cabin and eight in the rear. Only two Do R4 Nas were build.

This flying boat can only land on water. Use the menubar to define the initial altitude.

Speed and weight


Empty 9850kg
Load 4150 kg
Flying weight 14000 kg
Fuel capacity 4 x 600 l, 4 x 285 l


Max. speed 210 km/h
Cruising speed 190 km/h
Landing speed 115 km/h
Service ceiling 1500 m
Range 1500 km


As this aircraft was build in Germany it has german instruments and gauges. Here are the instruments listed as seen in the picture.
Cockpit screenshot of the Dornier Do R4 Nas Superwal

Main instruments left

course indicator
"Kompaß" (use ADF to program)
airspeed in km/h
turn indicator variometer in m/s
radio altitude in m AGL
"Höhe über Grund"
altimeter in km artificial horizon

Main instruments centre

clock 4x engine speed (portside front, portside aft,
"U/min x100" → U="Umdrehungen"=round →
starboard front, starboard aft)
in rpm x100
4x oil pressure in kg/cm² 4x oil temperature in °C
pitch indicator in degree
fuel gauge in l x100

4x magnetos

4x fuel pressure in kg/cm²

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