Antonov An-225 Mriya

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Antonov AN-225 heavy/outsize cargo aircraft
Antonov AN-255.jpg
Type Cargo aircraft, Strategic airlifter
Configuration High wing aircraft
Propulsion Jet aircraft, Six-engine aircraft
Manufacturer Antonov
Author(s) Lee Elliot
--aircraft= AN-225
Status Beta
 Website The website for the Antonov AN-225 heavy/outsize cargo aircraft developments.
 Repository The development repository of the Antonov AN-225 heavy/outsize cargo aircraft.
Download Download the Antonov AN-225 heavy/outsize cargo aircraft aircraft package for the current stable release (2020.3).
License GPLv2+

The Antonov An-225 is a transport aircraft with six turbofan engines. It first flew in the 1980s and was developed from the smaller four-engined An-124. It was primarily designed for transporting the Buran spaceplane, but was redesigned for carrying large payloads once the Buran program was cancelled.

Keyboard shortcuts

Key Function
d Raise slats.
f Lower slats.
j Retract the spoilers.
k Extend the spoilers.
K Toggle trajectory markers.
U Update drop view position.
Shift + B Set or unset the parking brake.
G Raise the landing gear.
Shift + G Lower the landing gear.
] Lower flaps.
[ Raise flaps.
h Hide or show the HUD.

Development status/Issues/Todo


  • no cockpit light at night visible
  • no pilot/co-pilot in cockpit visible
  • turbine does not rotate
  • no aircraft light available
  • no jetstream visible
  • nozzle do not change shape when changing thrust
  • there are no flaps when using reverse thrust

3d Cockpit:

  • no cockpit light at night available
  • no rudder/stick control in 3d cockpit available - no ruder control pedals available - no switches and leverls available - no elevator trim control available - no cockpit instruments available - cockpit is not textured - no pilot and co-pilot present in
  • cockpit window has no windscreen wipers


  • engine sound in cockpit does not differ from outside engine sound
  • engines can't be turned off
  • hud can't be turned off
  • nose gear can sink into runways during landing