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Thomas (TheTom)
Location Austria

Development plan

Canvas (The FlightGear 2D rendering API)

  • Canvas based GUI Pending Pending
    • Create dialogs Done Done and widgets Pending Pending from Nasal
    • Handle keyboard input Done Done
    • Expose character and cursor positions (eg. for text input/editing) Pending Pending
    • Parse current gui and menu xml files Not done Not done
  • Canvas based HUD Pending Pending
    • Nasal API/framwork Pending Pending
    • Parse HUD xml files Not done Not done
    • Use Canvas GUI for 2D HUD Not done Not done
    • object placements for 3D HUD? Pending Pending
      • Take care of projection/moving head Pending Pending
  • Canvas (API/General)
    • Rotate map children according to map heading Pending Pending


  • Improved/advanced animations
  • Blender animation/basic fdm exporter Pending Pending

Simulation / systems

  • Generic sytem building blocks Pending Pending
    • Allow to use conditions/expressions/property-rules/etc. to simulate any type of system (eg. electric, hydraulic,...) and especially take care to be able to build reusable building blocks.
    • Unify/cleanup expression parser Not done Not done
    • Generic APU Pending Pending
    • Generic electrical system Pending Pending
  • Generic VDGS Pending Pending
  • MCDU/FMS/AMU framework Pending Pending
  • Blender system exporter Not done Not done

Aircraft / Scenery


  • Respect XDG directories (and environment variables) ticket #1468 Not done Not done