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Richard Harrison
Location France
  • Flight Simulation
  • Aerodynamic modelling
  • FlightGear aircraft modelling
  • FlightGear core development
  • Aviation, especially Naval Aviation
MP callsign(s) Richard
Favourite aircraft
  • F-15 (Main developer)
  • F-14 (Main developer)
  • Tornado F2
  • BAe Hawk

About me

I've been involved in Flight Simulation since 1984 when I started working at Link-Miles in Lancing, England on the Tornado F2 simulator. I've worked on (and flown) many certified simulators since then, including B737-2/3/4/5, A320, BAe Hawk, B757/767, B747-2/4, Super Puma.

There are some [FlightGear articles] that I've published on my personal site.

Contributions to FlightGear

Returning to FlightGear in 2014 after a renewed interest in simulation the first thing I did was to redevelop the aerodynamics model for the F-14 based on real data [F-14 Development page] this took me a few months and I fixed a load of other things afterwards. The next logical step seemed to be the F-15 which was very poorly modelling and I felt a serious omission in aircraft for FlightGear. So I built a new model based on the F-14, [F-15 development page]

Aircraft Models

  • F-14
  • F-15
  • F-16
  • Supermarine Swift FR.5
  • Jaguar GR1
  • Mirage 2000-5

Core development

In 2016 I became a core developer and really have been focussed around improvements to the core to improve performance, improve modelling and Naval aviation.

  • 2015 - Crashes on exit
  • 2016 - Multiplayer segfaults
  • 2016 - FGData; Simple generic MFD framework
  • 2016 - Emesary (Nasal)
  • 2016 - Added date to the Time dialog
  • 2017 - Improved Multiplayer protocol (more efficient usage of space)
  • 2017 - Tortola GUI Style (better for AMD hardware)
  • 2018 - Model performance measuring; performance monitor improvements.
  • 2018 - FGData fallback models
  • 2018 - Joystick GUI improvements
  • 2019 - LOD (Level of Detail) improvements (GUI, core)
  • 2019 - OSG thread safety improvements by using the ReadRef methods
  • 2019 - DDS Texture cache (using osg_nvtt) - to improve texture loading pauses.
  • 2019 - FGComm added channel support
  • 2019 - Emesary (simgear)
  • 2019 - Nasal background garbage collection (disabled due to stability issues)
  • 2019 - Multithreaded rendering experiment (stalled) [
  • 2017->2019 research and development into the future of scenery; ended up starting the WS3.0x VirtualPlanetBuilder project that is now (2020) underway and scheduled for NLTS after 2020.3

FlightGear Core areas

Generally I look after

  • Multiplayer comms (core)
  • (FGdata) Emesary, both Nasal
  • (simgear) Emesary
  • (FGdata) Emesary MP bridge
  • (simgear) DDS Texture cache
  • FGComm

and assist with

  • Animation changes
  • General modelling topics
  • WS3.x
  • Windows (AMD Radeon) - most core developers use Linux/OSX and NVIDIA