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FlightGear todo list


  1. Done Done Release Supermarine Swift to FGAddon
  2. Done Done Release Jaguar GR1 to FGAddon
  3. Done Done Release Mirage 2000-5 to FGAddon
  4. Done Done OPRF Release F-14, F-15
  5. Done Done F-14: Revise low speed aerodata; improve FCS to match NASA TM X-81833.
  6. Done Done Make Emesary C++ thread safe and lockfree.
  7. 80}% completed Finish F-15 Emesary changes - mainly just liveries.
  8. 80}% completed Finish F-14 carrier changes for NLTS. This is to work with the core changes as detailed below.
  9. Done Done Fix F-14 external and internal lights for Rembrandt, ALS and ensure compatible with Compositor.
  10. Pending Pending Rework F-14 external and internal lights for Compositor and remove Rembrandt support.
  11. Pending Pending F-15 fix post takeoff handling - it feels weird as the G stabilisation becomes active in the FCS
  12. Done Done F-15 MP Emesary (OPRF) (Thanks to Nikolai)
  13. Pending Pending OPRF Release of F-14 and F-15
  14. Paused Paused A320 VSPAERO FDM


  1. Carrier improvements Post_FlightGear_2020.2_LTS_changes#Carriers_and_AI
  2. 70}% completed Fix point light sprites for AMD cards (again).
  3. 20}% completed Core Support for OpenTrack
  4. Pending Pending Core: Add support for geneva drive to animations
  5. Pending Pending Finish investigating LOD support for AI models (e.g. carriers models)
  6. Pending Pending AI Logic blocks - effectively this is to allow autopilot configuration to be used to script logic for AI models.
  7. Pending Pending Support for aircraft configurable joystick bindings.
  8. Done Done DDS-TC exclusions for splash screen and low pixel depth (grayscale)
  9. Abandoned Abandoned Background threading display - branch pushed for future reference. Overall the feature isn't stable enough nor does it achieve enough improvement to be worthwhile. Fernando may have
  10. Abandoned Abandoned Fix Nasal threaded GC (removed for now)

F-15 screenshot categories

I have set up a few F-15 screenshot categories at Category:McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle screenshots.

See also Special:CategoryTree/McDonnell Douglas F-15 Eagle screenshots and Help:Categories.

Johan G (Talk | contribs) 07:38, 18 July 2015 (EDT)

The Property Key Handler

That seems to be quite a nice tool. Touched up the article a little and linked to it from various other articles, hopefully making it easier to find.

Johan G (Talk | contribs) 12:42, 9 December 2023 (UTC)